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Iceland’s Mysterious DC-3 Plane Wreckage

Want to see more photos? Visit the DC-3 Sólheimasandi location page on Instagram.

Iceland is known for its wonderfully photographic terrain, and most who visit describe it as something out of a science fiction film. The carcass of a downed United States Navy DC-3 plane in the midst of a vast black sand beach known as Sólheimasandur is certainly no exception! Many photographers who visit Iceland add this well-hidden landmark to their must-see lists.

While there’s extremely limited historical information regarding what exactly happened to the fuselage, legend has it that in 1973, during particularly unsavory weather conditions, an airplane ran out of fuel and was forced to make a crash-landing on a beach just west of a small town called Vík. Everyone on board survived, and the wreckage was abandoned in the black sand.

Something about this is so hauntingly beautiful.

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  • 5 January 2013
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